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About Glue

Glue is an uberlight technology platform that enables users to collect, measure and analyse data. Designed for mobile phones and tablet devices, glue simplifies the task of handling large amounts of data and translates it into intelligent and visually rich analytics. Executives who are tasked with overseeing operations and strategy can then make informed and impactful decisions.

Enterprises with business operations that are spread across geographies can leverage glue’s proprietary technology and expertise to bolster their ability to be at the forefront of market demands and fluctuations. Specifically, for market intelligence, sales and training teams, glue’s technology empowers them to be on top of data, right where it originates.

Glue’s customizable architecture and rich visual experience means that organizations can bind stakeholder ecosystems on to a single platform and dramatically improve collaboration. This translates into increased productivity, shared knowledge clusters, fluid workflows and proactive participation.

Glue sits lightly on any mobile device and is non-intrusive, which means users can collect and send data without bias and barriers. Furthermore, several intuitive features make its usability hassle-free and hands-free.

Glue is powered by South Africa’s leading mobile technology company – Mxit.

How it Works

Glue is a proprietary mobile technology developed for organizations that seek to capture from their distributed stakeholder ecosystems – be they employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc. With glue, executives at the strategic level access data in real time and gain insights into their business operations.

End-users can capture data through their mobile phone or tablet and instantly transmit to their organization’s servers, from where analytics and reports can be further generated for the executive consumption.

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Glue for Social

For the social enterprises like NGOs and non-profit organizations, Glue brings in tangible value into every aspect of empowerment initiatives. Organizations can confidently track progress, monitor efficiencies and measure impact of each of their initiatives on a real-time basis. With the power of Glue’s analytics, executives can tweak and tune strategies to course-correct the execution.

Being a mobile technology that is device independent, meaning glue works on basic feature phones, smartphones and tablets. Glue equips the grassroots workers with the right set of technology-based tools. Grassroots workers can capture data, administer questionnaires or impart training modules with the ease and comfort of using a mobile phone.

Glue’s visually rich design and analytics dashboards help stimulate participation and equip executives to drive impactful initiatives and strategies.


Major Sectors of Work

If you are an organization working in the healthcare sector, you will find charts showcasing your own data such as present reach, historical growth of activities. You will also find a combination of charts combining organization data with the government and third party variables such as the prevalence and incidence rates of various diseases, availability of medical facilities in the region, opportunities for increasing reach etc.

Some of the sample charts are shown below:


If you are an organization working in the Education sector, you will find charts relating to your portfolio of work such as number of schools catered to, progress reports on the educational activities etc. You will also have access to the social and demographic data on school dropout rates, literacy rates, educational infrastructure and so on in that region.

Some of the sample charts are shown below:


If you are an organization working in the livelihood and social sector, you will find charts relating to your portfolio of work such as geo-location mapping of their current presence, number of people catered to, progress made over time, etc. You will also have access to the social and livelihood data on employment, poverty, population, income, crime etc. in that region.

Some of the sample charts are shown below:


If you are an organization working in the financial services sector, you will find a lot of useful charts on regions you are currently present in, number of customers in each location, their aggregated demographic information for comparison, financial services availed on so on. You will also be able to view government and third party variables such as the economic indicators, social indicators, and similar regions of interest. Both these data sources will be combined to generate useful analytics in your domain.

Some of the sample charts are shown below:


Our Success Stories


Crisis counseling including drug abuse, rape and domestic violence, on Mxit.

Counseling chats in 2012


Chat based counseling on Mxit since 2009. 6130 counseling chats in 2012



My Safety:
Brings together a number of apps in one place-rape information, Mac911, an emergency help centre, Childline Angel



Video app which uses public service announcement videos on issue such as rape, human trafficking, drugs etc., to start conversations on difficult topics.

 Videos downloaded in first 6 months

Contact Glue

If you are an enterprise with operations spread across geographies, glue can help unleash the power of mobility and analytics. Glue can be deployed in customizable engagement models to suit your organization’s unique requirements.Reach us on the below modes for a demo of glue’s proprietary mobile technology.
India Head Office

Mxit Network India Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No. 39A, MLA Colony,

Banjara Hills, Road No. 12,

Hyderabad – 500034,

Andhra Pradesh, India.

Phone: +9140 2331 0642

Email: info.india@mxit.com